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Hank Enamel Pin

Hank Enamel Pin
Hank Enamel Pin
Hank Enamel Pin
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Hank Enamel Pin
Hank Enamel Pin
Hank Enamel Pin
Hank Enamel Pin
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  • Model: pin2
  • Weight: 9.00g
  • Dimensions: 1.00in x 1.00in x 0.20in
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Hank J. Wimbleton, Murderer and Saboteur. 

And now a premium hard enamel pin to show off your love of Madness!

These one inch pins are the perfect way to show off your devotion, passion & fanboy'ism to the iconic Madness Combat series to all your friends.

Each pin is attached to a Wanted Poster Backing Card, a perfect way to display the pin if not in use. there are only 230 made, and possibly never again!

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  • Stock will be added overtime.
  • Ships within 7 working days, (I'm one man, I have a full time job ya know :/ )


Size: 1 inch Square.

Weight: 9 Grams.

packaging: product is wrapped in a clear cellophane bag, and is packaged into a bubble wrap lined envelope.

The black outlines of the pin as well as the sandy texture on the bandanna are reflective to light.

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